My favorite part of being a Creative Marketing Professional is the lasting relationships and experiences that I have gained from the opportunities that I have had…

Rob Cori

I can sit here and go into detail about my life, my professional experience, and what I think makes me a great asset to any work environment, but at the end of the day, you don’t truly get to know someone until you communicate with them in person. I will tell you a quick story of a habit I have embedded into my daily routine and why I believe that is continues to positively change my attitude, both inside the professional world as well my personal life.

Every time I step into an Uber, taxi, plane, or any other situation where you are in close quarters with someone that you do not know, I immediately engage in conversation with that stranger. I ask them about where they are from, how long they have resided in the destination I am traveling, where they are going, do they have any kids, and many more points of conversation depending on where the discussion goes. What I have found is that I learn so much about someone (and sometimes how similar I am to a complete stranger) in as little as 5 minutes, and that I am embedded with a lasting impression from that person. And, hopefully, if my conversation sparked inspiration to that individual, I leave them with a positive impression that they can take with them for the rest of the day.

I think we as a society are losing that quality which makes us human, the ability to sit down with someone one-to-one and learn about each other and our story of how we have made it to this very moment. We are all guilty of it, whether the excuse is that we just don’t have enough time or it is simply not a priority. It is my goal as a Creative Professional to continue to improve this character flaw that we are all guilty of by taking the time out of my day to learn about the people around me, even if I have known them my entire life. It is my true belief that by doing something so simple as to learn from those around you, you will not only gain the knowledge to enhance your professional relationships, career, and skillsets, but you will also improve your relationships outside of the work environment and become a more humble, grounded person.