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Batman v Superman Review: A 3 Year Wait That Leaves Me Wanting

First of all, I would just like to state that I write this review as being one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) Batman and DC comics fan that I know. I have followed this movie since its announcement 3 years ago, anxiously waiting for its release. After just seeing it, I am left a little hollow.

Let me start with the pros:

 An original artwork by Rob Cori

An original artwork by Rob Cori

1) Ben Affleck KILLED it as the older, weathered Batman. He was brutal in his fighting technique, smooth as Bruce Wayne and made me believe that his character has been fighting for decades. I believe that the Dark Knight is in good hands moving forward. Props to Batfleck.

2) Zack Snyder paid homage to Frank Miller's The Dark Knight returns several times in this movie without being blatantly obvious. I thought the subtle references were awesome and it was great to see such an iconic comic come to life on the big screen.

3) The visuals and fight scenes were incredible. The cinematography (for those that like Snyder's style) was awesome and provided a look into the comic movie genre that we have never seen before. Much like Snyder's Man of Steel, the dark use of colors and tone sets the mood for the DC Cinematic Universe. This isn't your mother's Batman or Superman. If you're a fan of the darker side of comics, you will love the feel of this film.

4) Jeremy Irons' Alfred was one of the highlights of the film. The chemistry between him and Affleck made me believe that these two have been around for a while now and have seen a thing or two. They rely on each other. They depend on each other. And through the dialogue and energy it clearly shows. Well done with this casting.

Alright, now...the cons:

1) The movie is just way way too long. Trust me, I'm surprised that I'm saying this. I thought that I would be the last person complaining about seeing two and a half hours of Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman in the same flick. But the amount of unnecessary footage in this film is to an extreme. At least an hour could have been cut out, if not more. 

2) The movie, truthfully, just doesn't make any sense. After leaving the film, after two and a half hours, I feel like I just watched about three different movies. The film jumps around to so many different topics and story lines that it just feels completely jumbled. To the true comic fans, you will enjoy all of the subtle Easter eggs throughout the scenes, which takes up a majority of the film's run time, but to those that don't follow, you will be completely lost. I understand why DC and Warner Bros felt that they needed to stuff this movie with content in an effort to catch up to Marvel so that they can jump start the DCCU. But this, in my opinion, was just not the right path to take.

3) I loved Gal Gadot. I really did. She's beautiful, classy, elegant. I'm excited to see what she does with the Wonder Woman character in the future. But unfortunately, she had absolutely no business being in this film. Her appearance just confused the plot, and same goes for the glimpses of the other Justice League members (who I will not mention for those who haven't seen it yet). It was cool to see them, but it was very unnecessary. 

To sum it up, maybe it's the inner child in me that overly hyped this movie in my head. Maybe I should have lowered my expectations a little so that I could have enjoyed it more. But if you're reading this, you're most likely just like me, looking for a glimpse into the mind of someone who just saw the movie and loves comics just as much as you do. I'll do you a favor. Go see it for yourself, enjoy it for what it is. But don't OVER excite yourself for this film and expect it to be one of the best movies of your lifetime. If you do, you will leave the theater wanting more and slightly unsatisfied.

In the end, I believe that there is a lot to be excited for within the DC Cinematic Universe. I think Ben Affleck will continue to be a great portrayal of Batman, as will Cavill and Gadot as their respected characters. I would also love to see Affleck direct his own Batman film and bring some more content to his character. 

I'm not saying that I hated the movie, because I didn't. I just didn't love it the way that I thought I would. And that, to me, is what leaves me feeling dissatisfied. Maybe after several more viewings I will feel differently, but for now, I leave you with my honest take on a film that I desperately waited 3 years for. Good, not great.

3 out of 5 stars

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